Janice L. Grinyer

What would you do if you were in a wildfire?

"I could not stop shaking while clenching my truck's steering wheel; we just drove in front of a running crown fire,

the most dangerous of all wildfires." 



"With fires now raging out of control yearly in the United States, don't just assume help is on the way- being prepared will keep you alive"                                    

Being prepared is half the battle when dealing with fire.

Are you prepared?

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Who is Janice L. Grinyer?

A Forestry Technician and Business Owner with over 17 years of Forestry work experience, avid Outdoor Photographer, previously employed in Law Enforcement and a current member of WOMEN WRITING THE WEST, Janice L Grinyer  has the training and first-hand knowledge to bring special insight detailing her personal experience during Montana's worst wildfire year in history. 

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Montana Writer, Photographer Janice L. Grinyer

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